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4th of 10 Ways to Help Remedy Anxiety

Let’s Remember: Anxiety is a ball of various emotions. Name those emotions and count them out! Don’t just say I’m anxious. Say I’m nervous, I’m scared, I’m worried, I’m angry, and always focus on why.

4. What?! Limit my caffeine intake?! YES!

Yummers! I love a good caramel macchiato or a peppermint mocha during the wintertime and that’s ok but, let’s think about what caffeine is meant for. I can definitely say I enjoy coffee for the tastes and various flavors, but most people drink coffee for energy, to wake up, to perk up, to be more alert, right? So, let’s think about this. Coffee heightens/increases your body’s awareness quicker than your body’s natural process and that creates a problem after a while.

Too much coffee can cause the jitters, migraines, and that leads to increased anxious behavior. Energy drinks have increased amounts of caffeine and to have that regularly, can cause irregular heart rates. Increased caffeine consumption affects daily functioning which can increase anxiety (lack of focus on one task at a time; sweaty; increased heart rate; irregular thoughts, and more)

Don’t believe me? Read This: (Does Caffeine Affect Anxiety?)

Hey, hey, hey. No one is saying you have to stop caffeine but, if you know you are consuming too much in a day, pace yourself. Slowly decrease the amount of coffee you have in a day. Replace coffee with water and try various caffeine-free teas.

1 Peter 5:6 - Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time  

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